About JEssica


Jessica Stewart started her career in the corporate world with a Fortune 100 Company and received formal training at Seminole State’s accredited Interior Design Program.

 A bit of a side story.  On the day of school enrollment, was the same day Marc-Michaels Interiors called to welcome her on, in a paid apprenticeship, that they so graciously offered at the time.  A rare thing, in the design business.  Apprenticeship / internships are most normally unpaid and you gladly take it!

 “I would have scrubbed the floors, with a smile on my face, just to be able to be around the successful ‘design atmosphere’ on a regular basis”, Stewart recalls.  For those that do not know, Marc-Michaels Interiors is one of the top residential design firms in the country. 

 That is where the real schooling was obtained!  From the myriad of aspects that a successful interior design firm would have.  Like , client relationships & contracts , the value of fellow trade & contractor relations, the importance of creating interior architecture, cultivating a massive library & vendor presentations, all of the different Designers & Assistants with their own design styles and at the same time in keeping with the design aesthetic of the firm, long & rigores design installations and what Jessica Stewart Design is known for today, the details!  Excellence is found in the details.